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Keeping financial records has come a long way since Bob Cratchit sat huddled near the fireplace with his quill pen in hand adding long columns of numbers for Ebenezer Scrooge. Today, bookkeepers are ensconced in modern offices full of cubicles and maze-like walkways that lead to high-tech areas filled with printers, faxes, copiers and other electronic machines that keep the workplace running smoothly, and the Addmaster series has only added to that image.


Addmaster IJ6000

Addmaster IJ6080

Addmaster IJ6160


Keeping your workplace on budget, though, can be tough these days, but carries a full line of OEM, compatible, and remanufactured HP Addmaster ink cartridges. High quality choices, all of our products are guaranteed for two full years after purchase, and with great prices, phenomenal shipping offers, and wonderful customer service at every turn, it's no wonder so many look to us to fill their Addmaster printer ink cartridge needs.

The HP Addmaster series of printers is a phenomenal product. They were designed specifically for use in the financial industry. They can print everything from checks and cash tickets to journal pages and 42-column ledgers. As you can imagine, this printer has revolutionized the way banks and other financial institutions do business; and it has all but eliminated the need to make manual entries on financial documents.

Because these printers bear the name of Hewlett Packard you can be confident that when you purchase one, you're getting one of the best machines the industry has to offer. The sheer volume of numbers that appear on financial documents and the potentially huge dollar values they represent demands that the print images be clear and crisp in order to avoid costly errors; and Hewlett Packard and the Addmaster printers deliver.

If you spend any amount of time in a busy financial office you'll see that the printers and the ink cartridges they use get a hardy daily workout. There will be a constant stream of workers flowing through the mazes to retrieve documents from the printers. When machines are used this much, it means that some maintenance is inevitable. Usually that maintenance is in the form of replacing ink cartridges.

Many financial institutions rely on for replacement ink cartridges. The quality of our printer ink is unsurpassed, and our prices are very competitive. We offer a wide selection of HP Addmaster replacement ink cartridges that can be ordered online; and delivery is reasonable and prompt.

In the current economy, all businesses are looking for ways to cut back on costs, and financial institutions are no exception. Because they work with money all the time, they are very conscious of where every penny goes, and want their purchases to stay within their budgets. works hard to help companies meet their financial goals. Our remanufactured ink cartridges are just one example of how we can help organizations stretch their supply budgets. Every remanufactured ink cartridge uses the same high-quality ink as the new cartridges; and they all go through a rigorous series of print tests to ensure that the quality of the print has not been compromised by the process. An added benefit to the remanufactured cartridges is that they promote good global, environmental citizenship and that's good PR for any company. Because the cartridges are recycled, fewer natural resources will be used to make new cartridges, and the landfills won't be quite as full.

You can't go wrong when you conduct business with two great, reliable companies like Hewlett Packard and We bring you the best the industry has to offer at affordable prices.

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