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It is no secret that working from home is becoming more and more popular. Telecommuting is a money saver in many ways; it also allows people to make their own hours and avoid sitting in traffic for half their lives. A "regular" office, however, can provide the essential working tools you might need, such as printers, copies, fax machines, and scanners. But, wait, you can easily have those products in your own home now, too. The tech-savvy employees of HP know how to make small-office-friendly products and they can deliver high-performing quality office equipment right to your front door. We can help you keep your printer running smoothly.


DesignJet Colorpro GA

DesignJet Colorpro CAD

DesignJet 10PS

DesignJet 20PS

DesignJet 30

DesignJet 30n

DesignJet 50PS

DesignJet 70

DesignJet 90

DesignJet 90gp

DesignJet 90r

DesignJet 100

DesignJet 100plus

DesignJet 100ps

DesignJet 110

DesignJet 110plus

DesignJet 110plus nr

DesignJet 110plus r

DesignJet 111

DesignJet 120

DesignJet 120nr

DesignJet 130

DesignJet 130gp

DesignJet 130nr

DesignJet 130r

DesignJet 200

DesignJet 220

DesignJet 230

DesignJet 330

DesignJet 350c

DesignJet 430

DesignJet 450c

DesignJet 455ca

DesignJet 488ca

DesignJet 500

DesignJet 500PS

DesignJet 510

DesignJet 600

DesignJet 650c

DesignJet 650c ps

DesignJet 700

DesignJet 750c Plus

DesignJet 750cm

DesignJet 800

DesignJet 800PS

DesignJet 815MFP

DesignJet 820MFP

DesignJet 1050C

DesignJet 1050C Plus

DesignJet 1055CM

DesignJet 1055CM Plus

DesignJet 2000cp

DesignJet 2500cp

DesignJet 2800cp Dye

DesignJet 2800cp UV

DesignJet 3000cp

DesignJet 3500cp

DesignJet 3800cp Dye

DesignJet 3800cp UV

DesignJet 4000

DesignJet 4000ps

DesignJet 4020

DesignJet 4020ps

DesignJet 4500

DesignJet 4500mfp

DesignJet 4500ps

DesignJet 4520

DesignJet 4520 HD

DesignJet 4520ps

DesignJet 5000 Dye

DesignJet 5000 Series

DesignJet 5000 UV

DesignJet 5000ps Dye

DesignJet 5000ps UV

DesignJet 5500 Dye

DesignJet 5500 UV

DesignJet 5500PS Dye

DesignJet 5500PS UV

DesignJet 5940

DesignJet 5940xi

DesignJet 8000s

DesignJet 8000sf

DesignJet 8000sr

DesignJet 9000s

DesignJet 9000sf

DesignJet 10000s

DesignJet cc800ps

DesignJet L25500

DesignJet L26100

DesignJet L26500

DesignJet L28500

DesignJet T120

DesignJet T520

DesignJet T610

DesignJet T620

DesignJet T770

DesignJet T790

DesignJet T795

DesignJet T920

DesignJet T1100

DesignJet T1100ps

DesignJet T1120

DesignJet T1120 SD-MFP

DesignJet T1120ps

DesignJet T1200

DesignJet T1200ps

DesignJet T1300

DesignJet T1500

DesignJet T2300

DesignJet T2300 PostScript

DesignJet T2500

DesignJet T7100

DesignJet T7200

DesignJet Z2100

DesignJet Z3100

DesignJet Z3100ps GP

DesignJet Z3200

DesignJet Z3200ps

DesignJet Z5200

DesignJet Z5400

DesignJet Z6100

DesignJet Z6100ps

DesignJet Z6200

DesignJet Z6600

DesignJet Z6800

DesignJet Z9000


The HP DesignJet series of printers offer wide format ability for the price of a regular printer. If you are a drafter, architect, or you simply need something larger than a traditional printer, the HP DesignJet series might be just the ticket for you.

Just like the rest of HP's printers, each member of the DesignJet family requires its own ink cartridges. Ordering replacement ink cartridges for your HP DesignJet printer is simple here at Just look at the number that is on your inkjet cartridge and order the same thing. If you are trying to order an ink cartridge and don't have the empty one available, all you really need to know is the specific name of the printer model. For example, one affordable member of the HP DesignJet family is the 500. This printer takes the HP 10 Black DesignJet ink cartridge and the HP 82 set of color ink. As you can see, ordering ink for your wide format HP DesignJet printer can be very easy, and very cost efficient if you order your compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges right here !

What sort of things can you do with a wide format printer? The options are endless! You can create lifelike posters for a fraction of what you would pay to have them done professionally. According to HP, you can use their software that comes with your wide format printer to create a poster and then print it for less than $1. Try getting that price down at the local print shop!

The HP DesignJet allows you to have the flexibility and the quality that only a wide format printer can offer right in your own home. There are a dozen models that fall under the HP DesignJet name, with durable models starting at under $1,000. If you are into design or if you simply need something that does it all, consider adding an HP DesignJet printer to your home.

Don't forget, when your HP DesignJet ink cartridge needs replacing, you can get those replacement ink cartridges for very reasonable prices simply by shopping online here. We are dedicated to selling only the highest quality cartridges, and so we can back our products with a two year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don't waste money or time shopping around for printer cartridges and toner at other places; shop here and start saving now.

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