How To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer

It has become a necessity to factor in the amount spent on printer ink when trying to determine how much your home or business printer costs you. Bargain priced printers may actually bite you in the end as it's become safe to assume that the less expensive the printer is, the more ink you will have to purchase over the life of that printer.

A home that has multiple printers is becoming more common and each printer typically requires its own special ink cartridge. Your kids do their homework and print it, do research and print it, and write papers and print them. Another common task home printers are used for is printing photos of your kids for grandma and grandpa. Throw in making sure Aunt Linda and Uncle Tom get their copies and you've just spent a lot of money on printer ink

If you're like the average American, you most likely couldn't imagine working without the perks a personal printer provides. However, the search for reliable and affordable printer ink never ends and is sometimes a very costly endeavor.

We have developed a list of 3 very easy to implement strategies you can immediately begin using in order to optimize the amount of printer ink you use each month.

  1. Use draft print quality whenever you can
    You can adjust the quality of print every time you choose to print a document or you can set your default print settings to print at draft quality and only upgrade to a higher setting when needed. Draft quality will print your document at a lower resolution, but this setting is perfect for reference material and documents of less importance.

  2. Choose Black & White printing over color printing whenever possible
    Everyone likes printing in color, but most times it's far from necessary. If you're not printing a document for presentation, the chances are you do not need to print it in color.

  3. Outsource Photo Printing
    Modern personal inkjet printers can print high-quality photos, especially when you use special photo paper. However, printing high-end digital photos uses a lot of your printer ink. When possible, think about outsourcing your photo printing needs to a local printer. Companies like Target and Walgreens (and countless others) now feature photo labs that allow you to upload your photos through the internet and within 1-2 hours you can pick up your photos onsite or have them mailed to you for an affordable price.

You may ask yourself, why would a provider of printer ink like decide to tell our customers how to save money on their printer ink costs? The answer is simple. We have become the leading provider of discount printer ink and accessories because we put our customers first. If we think there is a way to help our customers save money, we are going to share it with them. That's how we became the #1 provider of affordable printer ink and accessories and that's how we plan on remaining your favorite place to buy printer ink.

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