Ink Refill Kits

There are many ways to save money on printer ink, from conserving with draft quality settings to searching out the lowest prices online; but the largest savings possible come from refilling used ink cartridges. Our refill kits contain a high quality ink formula designed to give you name-brand performance at an affordable price, and promotes a healthier planet by reducing landfill waste. The refilling process is fast, simple, and usually entails steps one through five listed below.

Refill Kits by Brand

The general instructions for refilling an ink cartridge are the same for most brands and styles:

  1. First, a refill kit is purchased with the necessary tools and supplies for the refill. This includes ink, something to pierce the ink chamber with, an injection tool for adding new ink, a plug or clip to keep ink from spilling out, gloves, and instructions.
  2. The work area should be covered with something that you won’t mind getting ink on and gloves should be worn.
  3. Next, the cartridge is punctured to allow new ink inside
  4. Then, an injection tool (usually a syringe) is used to slowly deposit compatible ink into the empty cartridge
  5. Finally, the cartridge is re-sealed with the provided material