Recycle an old printer

there is a green solution

Your Old Printer

When we upgrade our personal electronics, we are left with both a fun new item to use and an old, outdated one. We need to dispose of the unwanted and unused items but so many of these items are dangerous to the environment. They can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and water supply. The green solution is to find a way to reuse or recycle your old printer and keep it out of the landfill. Here are a few ideas to help you get rid of your old printer in an environmentally-friendly way.

Corporate Methods

You may be able to recycle your old printer through a corporate recycling program. Hewlett-Packard is one leading manufacturer that has taken step to prevent their products from piling up in landfills. You can trade in an unused printer, whether it works or not, for a credit towards the purchase of a new model. This credit could run as high as $700, according to HP. Badly outdated models can still be traded in and recycled at no cost to the customer. This is only one is a series of options offered by HP. More information on these options is available here.

Retail Methods

Retailers may also have ways to relieve you of unwanted electronic equipment like printers. One example is Staples office supplies. This retailer offers two options. First, you can drop off your old printer to be recycled. Dell models will cost you nothing but other brands will require about a $10 fee. This is a small price to pay to keep toxins out of the environment. The second option is to trade in your old printer towards the purchase of a new one. At the time of this writing, Staples offers $50 towards the purchase of a printer costing $200 or more. More details on these easy, eco-friendly options are available here.

Donation Methods

Donating any old or unused household items to charity is time-honored method of clearing out the clutter. Many charities like the Salvation Army and Goodwill use resale or thrift stores to fund the work they do in the community. Your old printer could gain a new life in another home and the money paid will go towards good works. Your donation could be tax deductible, too. Remember to ask for a receipt.

Keeping these items out of landfills is important to the health of the planet. Look for ways to recycle your old printers and other electronics and help keep the environment healthy.