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If you work in an office or if you are considering setting up an office at home, you will find you are going to need a printer that does a little bit of everything. Many business owners don't realize how valuable a scanner, a fax machine, and printers are going to be to their business until they have already opened their doors. You can save yourself this organizational headache by adding an HP OfficeJet printer to your home or home office today. Save up to 76% on ink and toner today!


OfficeJet Lx

OfficeJet 100

OfficeJet 145

OfficeJet 150

OfficeJet 300

OfficeJet 330

OfficeJet 350

OfficeJet 500

OfficeJet 520

OfficeJet 570

OfficeJet 580

OfficeJet 590

OfficeJet 600

OfficeJet 610

OfficeJet 630

OfficeJet 635

OfficeJet 700

OfficeJet 710

OfficeJet 720

OfficeJet 1170

OfficeJet 1170C

OfficeJet 2620

OfficeJet 4110

OfficeJet 4110v

OfficeJet 4110xi

OfficeJet 4215

OfficeJet 4215v

OfficeJet 4215xi

OfficeJet 4315

OfficeJet 4315v

OfficeJet 4315xi

OfficeJet 4500

OfficeJet 4620

OfficeJet 4622

OfficeJet 4630

OfficeJet 4632

OfficeJet 4634

OfficeJet 4635

OfficeJet 5110

OfficeJet 5110v

OfficeJet 5110xi

OfficeJet 5505

OfficeJet 5510

OfficeJet 5510v

OfficeJet 5510xi

OfficeJet 5600

OfficeJet 5605

OfficeJet 5610

OfficeJet 5610v

OfficeJet 5610xi

OfficeJet 5740

OfficeJet 5742

OfficeJet 5745

OfficeJet 6000

OfficeJet 6100

OfficeJet 6105

OfficeJet 6110

OfficeJet 6110v

OfficeJet 6110xi

OfficeJet 6200

OfficeJet 6210

OfficeJet 6210v

OfficeJet 6210xi

OfficeJet 6213

OfficeJet 6215

OfficeJet 6310

OfficeJet 6310v

OfficeJet 6310xi

OfficeJet 6500

OfficeJet 6500a

OfficeJet 6500a Plus

OfficeJet 6600

OfficeJet 6700

OfficeJet 6812

OfficeJet 6815

OfficeJet 7000

OfficeJet 7110

OfficeJet 7110 ePrinter

OfficeJet 7110xi

OfficeJet 7130

OfficeJet 7130xi

OfficeJet 7140

OfficeJet 7140xi

OfficeJet 7210

OfficeJet 7210v

OfficeJet 7210xi

OfficeJet 7310

OfficeJet 7310xi

OfficeJet 7410

OfficeJet 7410xi

OfficeJet 7500a

OfficeJet 7610

OfficeJet 7612

OfficeJet 8040

OfficeJet 8045

OfficeJet 9110

OfficeJet 9120

OfficeJet 9130

OfficeJet 5110A2l

OfficeJet 7110A2L

OfficeJet AIO (1st)

OfficeJet D125

OfficeJet D125xi

OfficeJet D135

OfficeJet D135xi

OfficeJet D145

OfficeJet D155

OfficeJet D155xi

OfficeJet G55

OfficeJet G55xi

OfficeJet G85

OfficeJet G85xi

OfficeJet G95

OfficeJet G510a

OfficeJet G510g

OfficeJet G510n

OfficeJet H470

OfficeJet H470b

OfficeJet H470wbt

OfficeJet J3608

OfficeJet J3625

OfficeJet J3635

OfficeJet J3640

OfficeJet J3650

OfficeJet J3680

OfficeJet J4524

OfficeJet J4540

OfficeJet J4550

OfficeJet J4580

OfficeJet J4624

OfficeJet J4660

OfficeJet J4680

OfficeJet J4680c

OfficeJet J4860

OfficeJet J5725

OfficeJet J5730

OfficeJet J5735

OfficeJet J5738

OfficeJet J5740

OfficeJet J5750

OfficeJet J5780

OfficeJet J5783

OfficeJet J5785

OfficeJet J5788

OfficeJet J5790

OfficeJet J6405

OfficeJet J6410

OfficeJet J6413

OfficeJet J6415

OfficeJet J6424

OfficeJet J6450

OfficeJet J6480

OfficeJet J6488

OfficeJet K60

OfficeJet K60xi

OfficeJet K80

OfficeJet K80xi

OfficeJet R40

OfficeJet R60

OfficeJet R80

OfficeJet T45

OfficeJet T45xi

OfficeJet T46

OfficeJet T65

OfficeJet T65xi

OfficeJet V40

OfficeJet V40xi


This reliable printer does everything you need, including scanning, faxing, printing, and more, and it does it all for less than you might think. Best of all, shopping for HP ink cartridges is easy using our site. Simply tell us what HP ink you need, click and save. Our site provides you with an incredibly time-saving method of replenishing your ink cartridges.

If you have the HP OfficeJet 6500 All In One series of printers, you will likely need the 920 ink cartridge. We offer the 920 series of inkjet cartridges both in the standard and XL high yield choice, so choose the option that's best for you. offers the additional option of purchasing in bulk at a greater discount, giving you even more value for your money. We understand the importance of using high quality cartridges, and the equal importance of being able to keep the costs within a budget. That's why we sell only the best remanufactured and compatible cartridges on the market, and we back our cartridges with a two year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The HP OfficeJet works with a variety of different kinds of papers. You can use a thicker paper if you need to print official documents, letterhead, or greeting cards, and you can use thinner paper for casual, every day printing projects. The HP OfficeJet can do it all and the most affordable place to get all of your replacement ink cartridges is right here!

When it comes to printing for your business, reliability is key. You don't want to be stuck with a printer that just can't get the job done or one that clogs up with paper jams all the time. You also don't want a printer that requires a new cartridge every week. The HP OfficeJet series can stand up to heavy use, including scanning, printing, and more. You'll find that your HP OfficeJet printer will be a reliable and professional addition to your home or your home office. The choice is clear: the HP OfficeJet can help you manage increased productivity today. Don't forget -- the next time you need high quality HP Officejet ink cartridges, look here first. You'll be glad you did.

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